Snow melting cables

ThermoTAR - Asphalt snow melting cables/mats

for direct asphalt application

ThermoTAR Snow Melting Cables (SMC-FE) and Snow Melting Mats (SMM-FE) are special cables with enhanced temperature withstandability and mechanical strength. These can be used for asphalt drive-ways, pavements, roads, parking-bays, when hot asphalt is directly poured on the cable while laying.

Asphalt from the asphalt machine in general has a temperature of 170-240 °C. SMC-FE cables and SMM-FE mats are suitable for withstanding this temperature for up to 10 minutes. The cable is developed according to IEC 800 Class C, which means that the cable has deformation strength of 2000N.


The ThermoTAR range consists of a resistance element provided with primary fluoropolymer insulation, metal shielding and secondary insulation of high temperature material.

Heating cable is twin conductor with around 6.0mm outer diameter and terminating on cold leads at one end of the cable. SMC-FE comes with a 5.0 m length cold leads as a standard.

Cost-Effective Provides heat where required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and minimal losses.
Safety Thermostat backed by optional over current protection and GFCI should be installed to ensure total protection and safety.
Range A wide range of various sizes in various lengths ensure suitability to various layouts.
Application ThermoTAR is used for ice and snow melting of outdoor area and other applications with embedding in asphalt.


Snow Melting Cable, Twin Conductor Rating: 30W/M at 230VAC
SMCT-FE-30W/850 29.0 850
SMCT-FE- 30W/1100 38.0 1100
SMCT-FE- 30W/1400 47.0 1400
SMCT-FE- 30W/1700 57.0 1700
SMCT-FE- 30W/2000 67.0 2000
SMCT-FE- 30W/2250 75.0 2250
SMCT-FE- 30W/2500 84.0 2500
SMCT-FE- 30W/2800 94.0 2800
SMCT-FE- 30W/3350 112.0 3350
SMCT-FE- 30W/4000 134.0 4000
SMCT-FE- 30W/4500 150.0 4500
SMCT-FE- 30W/5000 168.0 5000
Snow Melting Mat, Twin Conductor Rating: 350W/SQ.M at 230VAC
Catalog Reference No. Width (M) Length (M) Area (Sq.m) Watts (W)
SMMT-FE- 350W/850 0.4 6.0 2.4 850
SMMT-FE- 350W/1100 0.4 8.0 3.2 1100
SMMT-FE- 350W/1400 0.4 10.0 4.0 1400
SMMT-FE- 350W/1700 0.4 12.0 4.8 1700
SMMT-FE-350W/2000 0.4 14.0 5.6 2000
SMMT-FE- 350W/2250 0.4 16.0 6.4 2250
SMMT-FE- 350W/2500 0.4 18.0 7.2 2500
SMMT-FE- 350W/2800 0.4 20.0 8.0 2800
SMMT-FE- 350W/3100 0.4 22.0 8.8 3100
SMMT-FE- 350W/3350 0.4 24.0 9.6 3350
SMMT-FE- 350W/2800 0.8 10.0 8.0 2800
SMMT-FE- 350W/3350 0.8 12.0 9.6 3350


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